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“By employing the Projectplace solution, we are enabling new employees to get to grips with our sales and project structure in just a few days rather than a few months, which was previously the case.”
Christopher Engman, CEO of Vendemore

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  • Få ting gjort med Gantt og Kanban
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  • Få slutt på e-postkaoset og ha jobb og diskusjoner på ett sted

Er du på utkikk etter versjonskontrollert dokumentstyring, avansert prosjektkontroll og rapportering? Prøv dette og mange andre tilleggsgoder i den gratis prøveperioden av Projectplace Enterprise.

Save your in-house marketing support with kanban boards

Gain control over your in-house marketing support using the kanban board for issue management. Let the cards on the board represent tasks that need to be done, and assign each card to the marketing team member most suitable for resolving the issue. Then simply just follow the progress on the board for your marketing project.

You can also add due dates to cards, and in this case an email reminder will be sent to the assigned person on the day by which the issue is supposed to be completed.

The end of e-mail clutter

Most marketing projects are very pressed for time, which means efficient communication is required. You don’t have time to seek through a chaotic e-mail clutter, trying to find the latest turn on a certain topic. And you won’t have to, when all your marketing projects are managed from one single place. In Projectplace discussions are easier to find, as they are saved at the right place in the right context – and not just stored away in someone’s inbox.

A more transparent communication tends to inspire greater commitment and higher creativity from everyone involved. Your marketing project management will definitely benefit from this. Anyone that you provide access to can share ideas, ask questions and give feedback through Projectplace’s different communication features.

Organized documents, comments and reviews

You can send document reviews to your coworkers and agencies, and gather all comments and changes in one place. The built-in approval workflow tracks when reviews are done and what changes the reviewers requested. With Projectplace, you can send the latest press release for review – and gather input in real-time. Say goodbye to sifting through endless e-mail attachments and versions!

  • Store your event plans, marketing documents and proofs in the cloud, safely and securely
  • Collaborate around Word documents, PDFs, Excel sheets, images and other files, directly attached to the cards on your kanban boards
  • Access your marketing project files from any smart device –  anywhere, at any time

Control and visualization of your marketing projects

No more coffee-stained notes all over your desk! Set an example as an organizational ninja, using digital sticky notes on kanban boards.

The kanban board visualizes your project’s work stream. Together with agile Gantt, it gives you a clear and instant overview of deadlines and progress at any time. As your marketing projects progress, your teams can collaborate and take ownership of the detailed planning of every activity.

Don’t waste time – become efficient now!

Get the most out of your marketing projects, your activities and agencies – in the cloud.

Projectplace is a cloud-based solution, accessible on all browsers and via mobile apps. It’s very easy to get started – no hardware, no installation. Communicating beyond corporate firewalls is easier than ever. Just invite your marketing team and your agencies and start collaborating!

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